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Professional wooden (or on the metal construction) staircase planning - groundplan, visualization 3D, tamplates 1:1, DXF

Professionell design/konstruktion med 3D visning - produktionsdata med materialoptimering, produktionslista, skalenliga produktionsritningar och fullskaleutskrift skala 1:1

Staircase constructions in friendly price


Way of proceedingOur offer is dedicated to all joiners and staircase producers. European quality for Polish price. Send us drawing, photo, fax with staircase plan - we prepare a professional 3D visualization as well as Groundplan. We will send you special o4c file - you can turn and zoom staircases on your PC. You will have all drawings to discuss with customer. When all details are agreed with customer - we can send you production output. Technical drawings to prepare material, 1:1 templates or DXF files.

Pls click picture on the left to check the way of proceeding

In short words, we offer you
* First draft: 3D staircase's visualization with A4 Groundplan skissera teckning
* Second: production output -> templates 1:1
* or DXF files

Who are we

We are company working on Staircase planning and templates supply since 1998. We have customers all over the Poland. We supplied templates as well to German, Norwegian and Swedish market. We have experience of thousands construction so we are able to fit your expectations. Company and office is based in Szczecin (Wroclawska 48, PL-71034). You are welcomed if you travel through Szczecin ;)

Since 1998 we have been using Compass CAD. CompassV8 before, V9 and Compass CAD10 ND now. Since 2012 we have o4c technology to send you construction you can zoom&turn on your PC (Windows only). Using o4c every detail can be checked before production output is ordered.

We are legally registered company, we document all orders by Invoices. Our registration ID is PL-8521964578. Our services and possible mistakes are insured by professional Insurance Company

How to order

Here you can see the way of proceeding. We split the offer into two:
* 3D Staircase visualization (we call draft construction skissera teckning)
* production output: templates 1:1 or DXF files

We can send you 1:1 templates or DXF files only if you checked and accepted draft

Our actual Special Offer

Try us! Pls check if our staircase construction fits you!

We offer one, free Staircase Planning (unless it is not very special) for you. Send us a staircase drawing and just wait for the answer. You will get PDF: A4 Groundplan, A3 3D Skizzle, JPG Picture and o4c zoom&turn 3D visualisation